Gestural Interactive Kiosks
Cutting Edge 3D Camera Interface and Realistic Digital Celebrity Likeness


Hoops Interactive Kiosk

With this project our EA SPORTS Creative R&D team wanted to offer a “short but sweet” interaction with a known sports star, Dwyane Wade, and show both a peek into a possible future for gaming interfaces, as well as, create a powerful new Marketing / Branding experience that can be used today. Some of the features were:

·         Cutting edge 3d (depth) camera - ("a hands free Wiimote") allowing for an intuitive gestural interface.

·         Universal Capture (UCap) facial animation data of Dwyane Wade rendered in real-time with no quality compromises using specialized compression, decompression and sequencing techniques, providing stunning interactive digital likeness.

·         Realistic advanced GPU lighting and shading techniques such as skin subsurface scattering and HDR lighting in action.

·         Optional cylindrical / 360 degree display by DynaScan.

The kiosk was invited by Wired NextFest 2008 to be one of only 40 exhibits showing “the global innovations transforming our world”. The exhibit was open to the public from Sept 27 to Oct 12 and just on the first day got close to 8,000 visitors. People of all ages (from 2 to 80 year old!) and gender lined up to try the experience and gleamed with excitement, joy and complements.

Wired article


Tiger Woods Mini-game

Our follow-up project using 3d camera technology was a mini-game of golf where virtual Tiger Woods comments on your shot. It was deployed in the Gillette EA SPORTS™ joint Marketing campaign of 2008/2009 for the Champions of Gaming finals in Orlando, FL. The experience built upon and further expanded on the features of the Hoops Kiosk:

·        The Tiger mini-game used two flat screens with a full-body Tiger on one screen commenting on your shot and a live “stylized” 3d representation (avatar) of yourself on a golf course on the other screen. Being able to see yourself and the ball had been one of the main points of feedback from the Hoops Kiosk, so we addressed that in the Tiger experience.


·        The camera showing the virtual representation of the user on the left screen was being driven by the user’s position, so as the user moved around the view was smoothly re-framed to keep the avatar in the center.


·        If the user was in proximity of the virtual ball the avatar turned yellow from default red. If you are close enough to the ball and you leaned forward appropriately the avatar turned green signaling that you are ready for a swing or a putt.


·        The game started with 3 swings each followed by Tiger’s reactions depending on the distance of your shot after which there were 5 putts with other appropriate Tiger comments.


·        Throughout the experience Tiger was also tracking your position by turning to look in your direction.


·        After you used up your putts, Tiger told you how you did and invited you to “Join the Gillette EA SPORTS Gaming Tournament” or to “Check out some great offers on Gillette Fusion”.