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Hi, welcome to my minimalist (so far) home page.

NEW (Jun 22 2003): Manfred The Murderer
I wrote this little song around Christmas 2002. Background: Manfred is a good friend of mine, who until recently had a very nice patch of kale in his garden. And he has bees. And the other day he chopped down a Christmas tree (or two). And his daughter Nicola hates fish.
NEW (Jun 19 2003): Here are some research projects I've been working on lately. Both of these were posed as prize problems or bets by Professor John H. Conway of Princeton University.

Here are some pretty pictures of hyperbolic tesselations. Hyperbolic Tesselations
Java version (in progress).

Some more java applets, without much explanation...

Some artwork based on fractal zooming:
Here are some little tools I wrote that I find useful (mostly for programming on Unix):
More geeky stuff: there are a lot of cases where I want to calculate something, but the obvious mathematical formula is not numerically robust, or it's not obvious how to determine exactly how much precision to ask for. For example, the following are tricky... All of the above have nice alternative formulations, most of which took me many years to realize or find. Here are my current thoughts on the best ways to go about them.
Here are some excellent links:
Here's my resume (a bit out of date at the moment).
I'm currently working at Industrial Light & Magic.

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